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The Chillest Bot on Discord



MellowBot does all sorts of things! You can ask it questions, play games, earn credits, and spend credits in a virtual shop.


Absolutely! Suggestions, comments, and any other feedback are super helpful and highly encouraged. MellowBot is closed source so unfortunately if you're interested in helping to code MellowBot, that is not an option. But bug reports and things of that nature are greatly appreciated.

You can keep up to date with MellowBot in the channels under the "MELLOWBOT" category on the server. Also there is a public Trello board for tasks here:


By using the !<command> form or using the word "cat", you can using the following commands and some more hidden ones.

Example: "!profile" or "cat can I see my profile?"

Command options in <Angle Brackets> are required. Options in [brackets] are optional.

Here's the list of commands:

  • 8 - Ask the 8 ball a question. Example: !8 Will Jeremy ask me to prom?

  • balance/credits - See how many credits you have.

  • bde [@user] - See how much big dick energy you or someone you mention has. Defaults to you.

  • bored - Gives you a random suggestion of something to do.

  • catpic - Gives you a random picture of a cat.

  • clues [type] [rsn] - See how many clues you or someone else has completed in OSRS. Defaults to your saved rsn.

  • coinflip - Flip a coin.

  • commands/help - Gives you a link to this page.

  • doubleup [bet] - 50/50 chance to double your bet or lose it. Default bet is 10 credits. There is no limit on bets for doubleup.

  • fact - Gives you a random fun fact.

  • fight <@user> - Fight someone (Up to 3 times per day).

  • game(s) - See the list of games.

  • ghost(s) <evidence> [evidence] [evidence] - See what evidence is possible in addition to your current evidence in Phasmophobia.

  • give <@user> <amount> - Give someone credits. Example: !give @user 100

  • invitedby <@user> - Give someone credit for referring the server to you.

  • jackpot(s)/prize(s) - See the current jackpots for jackpot games.

  • kc <osrs boss> [rsn] - See how many OSRS boss kills you or someone else has. Defaults to your saved rsn.

  • leaderboard - See the current leaderboard.

  • lvl <skill> [rsn] - See what level you or someone else has in OSRS. Defaults to your saved rsn.

  • profile - View your profile.

  • rng <lower number> <higher number> - Roll a random number between 2 numbers that you specify.

  • roll <D#> - Roll a D6, D12, or D20.

  • rps <r/p/s> [bet] - Play rock paper scissors with MellowBot. Default bet is 10 credits. The bet must be between 10 and 1,000 credits.

  • rsn <runescape name> - Save a default rsn to your profile for OSRS commands.

  • say <anything> - Make MellowBot say something.

  • slots [bet] - Match 2 symbols to win your bet x 1.5 credits. Match 3 symbols to also win the jackpot! Default bet is 10 credits. The bet must be between 10 and 1,000 credits.

  • uptime - See how long MellowBot has been running.

  • version - See what version of MellowBot is running.

  • website - Get a link to this website.

  • xp <1-99> - See how much xp is required for a level in OSRS.

MellowBot: FAQ
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